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We owe our success to the power of word of mouth. Follow our progress, share our updates. It makes a huge difference.


Over the first week after the earthquake we’ve attracted over £10.000 in donations.

All through the power of the Internet. Dozens of you supporters shared our calls for help, messaged their friends, fundraised on our behalf.

The relief work in Nepal is far from over. In fact, this is just the start.

Follow our progress on our Facebook page or Twitter. Like, share or retweet. It seems little, but the cumulative effect is huge.


Online word-of-mouth is incredibly powerful. But that’s only half the story. There’s this offline thing — real life — where your support matters just as much.

Share our story over a beer with friends, organise a Nepal-themed night. Nepal is an incredibly colourful country. There’s a lot to learn!