Collaboration with BringThoughtstoAction

We’ve been working together with Linda and Shiva from BringThoughtstoAction for a while now, and now we decided to announce our partnership officially. We call each other sisters. Here’s the who, the what and the why.

Who is BringThoughtstoAction exactly?

You may or may not know this already, but SGDR is run from Beth and Dipu’s guesthouse in Kathmandu. It’s been a brilliant base for us to host volunteers, have meetings, work and plan together, and importantly to have a little downtime when not on missions. Just around the corner is the Fireflies guesthouse which is run by Shiva Shrestha. From the guesthouse, Shiva and the wonderful Linda have been running their relief group, BringThoughtstoAction. These guys are doing an incredible job. Soon after the earthquake they started their first build project in Ramkot, 8km from Kathmandu. Shiva designed an improved temporary shelter building, and with the help of Misha, an engineer from Germany, added some technical improvements. Since then they’ve been building hundreds of their ‘Fireflies’ shelters for families in Nepal.

Why sisters?

Whilst Shiva and his build crew truck out to remote villages to build these shelters, Linda has been tirelessly working behind the scenes, organising volunteers, fundraising, advertising, collaborations, project plans, networking, strategies, for fighting human trafficking and building up local economies… the list goes on! We and Linda frequently put our heads together to share ideas and contacts and plan for the next, and have become good friends. We’ve also been sending out our volunteers to help on BTtA builds, where they help out, and gain building experience and training from Shiva and Co. Misha has been out with us on assessments, and Naill from Fireflies accompanied us to Nuwakot to help with planning and building.

Funding project

BTtA has been rolling out their buildings all over, they have the skills and the manpower, but corrugated steel sheets for roofing can be very expensive, and last week one of their projects found itself without funding and in need of materials. Knowing Linda and Shiva well, and confident that the money would be used effectively to make a huge difference, we took the decision to help them out with funding. We gave $2,000 to BringThoughtstoAction for their build in Sindupalchowk, Providing roofs for 40 houses. Thank you so much for your donations, this is just one more way in which you’ve been helping Nepal.

You can follow BringThoughtstoAction on Facebook.

A message From Bring Thoughts to Action

Thank you so much to our sister group, Secret Garden Disaster Relief, and all it’s donors for helping us to build 40 houses for families in Sindhapalchowk, Phatakshila.

Bring Thoughts to Action was there for the five days before the build, doing house assessments and teaching the locals how to build the bamboo structures. Because of this training, the locals are able to continue building and finishing the roofs, meaning we could provide the bamboo structures and the final materials, metal sheet.

Thanks to Secret Garden Disaster Relief  for your donation and manpower. We reached Sindhupalchok together for the second time on Friday 12th of June where we with the locals build three structures and distributed metal sheet. We finished on 15th of June.

Here is the documentation of your amazing contribution.

Linda and Shiva

Ward no. 6, Phatakshila VDC, Sindhupalchok
Shiva Shrestha did the assessment. They needed 40 semi permanent eco homes.
Locals could provide with some bamboo and materials.

Temporary shelter: 480 metal sheet = $ 2,400.00
Bamboo: $ 200.00
Materials: $ 100.00
Transport = $ 20.00

Total spending $2,720.00
Funded by Secret Garden Disaster Relief – $2,000.00
And Micha Ferb $720.00

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