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Over 50 new shelters, a school and still counting!

So, monsoon has arrived in Nepal. Just a week ago a very exhausted Secret Garden team, smothered in garlands and tikka paint, bounced down the mountains of Kavre back to Kathmandu after 18 days of full power building in the village of Salle Bhumlu. Our time reconstructing homes across Salle Bhumlu’s 9 wards rapidly increased pace after the training of 8 fantastic Nepali laborers – by the time of our departure your donations had built: 51 new shelters, supplied tin panels for 31 new roofs and constructed a whole new school building for over 100 children who are now keeping safe and dry in the pouring rain. So thank you!

Building over 30 shelters and a school in Kavre

What an amazingly positive time we’ve had in Bhummlu Salle! After returning from Nuwakot two weeks ago our few days in Kathmandu were taken up with coordinating the preparation for our second building mission up in the mountains of Kavre; with speed and efficiency being pinnacle to our race against the monsoon, we met with […]

Building a temporary school and shelter in Nuwakot

Slightly filthy and thoroughly exhausted, the Secret Garden team has just returned from Chaughara, Nuwakot. Where, through our lovely local contact Atula, a Montessori school teacher from Nagaland and indecently one of the warmest and funniest ladies you could ever hope to meet, we were able to complete our first building mission. It was Atula’s […]

The upcoming monsoon rains

Driving through the mountains to Sindupalchowk, our absolute beast of a truck stopped and perched itself at the top of a considerable drop down into a basin of vast peaks and valleys. There, back through layer upon layer of mountain ridges, I caught my first glimpse of the Himalayan Mountains. Just milky snowcapped peaks peering through the horizon, but for anyone who has beheld this sight, I don’t have to describe that feeling of awe to you.