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Nepal hit by a 2nd strong earthquake

At 12:32 today the unthinkable happened, Nepal felt it’s second huge earthquake, registering at 7.3 on the Richter scale. Outside in Kathmandu the streets shook as we raced to an open space with crowds of terrified people. It was clear from that moment the massive repercussions of this second earthquake. We are aware that so many houses are already weak and vulnerable, on top of experiencing pouring rain and thunderstorms for the last three nights; you can imagine the structural damage that may now have occurred. Families that had just begun to feel safe in their own houses have been forced back onto the streets.

We have managed to make contact with the villages our aid reached, houses have fallen, schools cracked and communities shaken. We are crucially aware just how important shelter is, we will continue to support our villages through what they face now.

Tomorrow our next mission is to Sindhulpalchowk. 3,057 lives were lost here in the first earthquake. We will see tomorrow what damage this second earthquake has brought. As ever it’s your support that enables us to do this. If you haven’t done it already, you can send us a donation. You support is not limited to donations. Here are 3 other ways you can help us now.

We will keep you updated. In the meantime, you can read our yesterday’s update below or follow us on our newly opened Twitter account.


Our progress so far

2 weeks after the earthquake and 12 days since Secret Garden Disaster Relief took form, we want to share with you all the beautiful things your incredible support and kind donations have managed to achieve!

Our first big mission took us to Nuwakot, a 3 hour drive east of Kathmandu. Here we were able to distribute 4500 kg of rice, 300kg of dhal, 150 of salt, tea, tofu and 150l of oil. Plus enough tents, blankets and mats to shelter all 800 people in Nuwakot’s nine VDCs.

Meanwhile, back in Kathmandu, the amazing boys at the Himali Bakery donated a batch of 300 loaves for secret garden to distribute throughout the city’s camps. In addition to the bread we were able provide antibacterial soap, biscuits, medicines and sanitation education literature – not only to improve the standard of living within the camps on a day-to-day basis – but just as importantly for us, we began to create strong local contacts within these temporary communities, better helping us to understand where our help was needed most.

Next we were twice able to reach Citapiala, a small town in the Kathmandu valley. Although our target here was a relatively small number of people, 55 families had been without food for two whole days, your donations managed to supply these people with 1800 kg of rice, 100 of dhal, tents, chura, sugar, salt, tea, biscuits and oil.

And just two days ago we arrived back from Kavre Palanchok, a small village in Vumullu. Road access is in these remote regions is very poor, making aid relief much less present. After a lot of pushing from our team, we managed to get our two trucks loaded with 200 blankets, tents, 4500 kg of rice, 350 kg of dhal, 150 kg of salt, sugar and 10 kg of tea safely up into the mountains – enough food, shelter and medicines to reach 360 families. That’s 3000 people your donations reached in just one mission!

Within Kavre Palanchok and it’s 9 surrounding VDCs, 55 of the 501 houses are completely destroyed and 400 suffering severe structural damage, rendering a staggering 455 homes uninhabitable. An overnight stay in the village school allowed us the time to build connections within the communities and to start coordinating our return plans: for the villages access to clean water, continuing food distribution and realising housing solutions in light of the oncoming monsoon.

Situation in Nepal now

8020 lives were lost in the earthquake, with Nepal’s monsoon season on the horizon, that death toll is still rising. Now with 520 000 houses destroyed or badly damaged, torrential rain and increased risk of air and water borne diseases, who can say where that figure will rise to? That’s why this period of time we find ourselves in now is so critical: 3 million people are still in need of shelter, clean water, food and medicine. This is why we must act now to secure long term strategies within these communities to combat this growing fear.

Ressources are beginning to turn scarce here in Kathmandu, we fight hard procuring aid and transportation because we now we see the difference we can make and will continue to make with your support. Really without you, Secret Garden Disaster Relief is nothing but good intentions; it’s your donations that put all we have achieved in motion. So on behalf of all the people we have managed to reach and all those we will continue to reach, thank you so much.

Let’s keep fighting the good fight!

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  1. Dan Rabinowitz
    Dan Rabinowitz says:

    Hi Beth,
    Great work. My nephew, Yotam Zafrani, is in some of the photos from Vamulu posted before the after shock of May 12th. He is not wearing the Secret Garden Disaster Relief T shirt but is seen in daylight photos carrying a colourful bag of food, doing hand-slips with a small boy, and is also in the center of the picture of the tired jeep at night.
    His family in Israel has not heard from him after the after shock of the 12th.
    Do you know anything about him? Is he safe?

  2. Nicolet
    Nicolet says:

    Hello Maude Eveillau
    Je crois que tu es liée a cette association
    Donnes nous de tes nouvelles
    Comment va la population et les vous ?
    On t embrasse

    • maud
      maud says:

      bonjour les voisins, jecris un petit pour vous a lucie sur fb 😉
      je vais bien des bisous

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