Secret Garden Disaster Relief

Who we are; What we do.

Relief for Nepal earthquake victims. We build shelters, schools, and rebuild communities. In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake we distributed food, water, temporary shelter materials and medicine to over a thousand families. We are a small team created in the aftermath of the earthquake. We have extensive local knowledge, diverse contacts and global support. We were on the ground helping hours after the earthquake.

Our mission

To ensure the people of Nepal not only survive this crisis, but are given the chance to thrive again.

We rebuild communities by providing shelter to families and rebuilding schools. We provide aid efficiently and directly to those who need it most. Our work does not end with short term solutions. We stay, we support and we enable our adopted communities to take control of their own futures.

We are here, now, and we’re here to stay.

We rebuild communities

We build shelter for families and schools for children to enable earthquake survivors to stand back on their feet.

Multinational team

We are a diverse multinational team with local expertise, international contacts and global support.

Small & nimble

Unlike large multinational NGOs, we’re nimble and effective. We were out on the streets hours after the earthquake.